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1000-1600 square feet floor plans. Click on an image below to enlarge.


Aniston (1772 Sq Ft)

Floor Plans Aniston-FP-1172

Capshaw (1508 Sq Ft)

Floor Plans Capshaw-FP-1508

Castleman (1168 Sq Ft)

Castleman-1168 Castleman-FP Pg2-1168 Castleman-FP-1168

Eaglenest (1517 Sq Ft)

Eaglenest-1517 Eaglenest-FP Pg2-1517 Eaglenest-FP-1517

Freeport (1072 Sq Ft)

Freeport-1072 Freeport-FP Pg2-1072 Freeport-FP-1072

Hampstead (1491 Sq Ft)

Hempstead-1491 Hempstead-FP-1491

Masonton (1400 Sq Ft)

Masonton-1400 Masonton-FP-1400

Mossberg (1595 Sq Ft)

Mossberg-1595 Mossberg-FP-1595

Niagra (1154 Sq Ft)

Niagra-1154 Niagra-FP Pg2-1154 Niagra-FP-1154

Obrien (1362 Sq Ft)

Obrein-1362 Obrein-Fp Pg2-1362 Obrein-FP-1362

Pleasant (1286 Sq Ft)

Pleasant View-1286 Pleasant View-Fp Pg2-1286 Pleasant View-FP-1286

Sonenclair (1197 Sq Ft)

Sonenclair-1197 Sonenclair-FP Pg2-1197 Sonenclair-FP-1197


Wakeford (1442 Sq Ft)

Wakeford-1442 Wakeford-FP Pg2-1442 Wakeford-FP-1442

Countrywide Barns has several custom floor plans to choose from.  Contact a specialist today and choose the plans of your dreams.

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